Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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After a long waiting.... EzineArticle Will Publish My Article. As A Freelancer it is very much important ...the writer must have a Ezine Profile. After Going through their screening.....i felt. Their Quality control is really very much powerful. If you are thinking about create a Profile, just wait a while; and read their policies. Otherwise it is possible - your article may cancled.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why to opt for color copiers -Typical Promotional Article

There are lots of options you have, if you think for purchasing a color copier. When color copier is needed? If you have a larger print job.

Generally three types of color printer available in the market.

- inkjet printer

- laser printer

- And solid ink copier.

Each category has own facilities. But it is advisable that, before making any purchase, make sure about your needs, and looking for those products which have a proper value of your money.

In your business, printing brochure, product catalog or any sales or expenditure graph can easily printed using those color copiers and printers.

The inkjet printer is good for small printing jobs and it can support you small. This kind of products generally prints 14 pages per minute.

Laser printer is most efficient for your business, because it has a capability to print up to 25 pages per minute; where as a solid ink printer can print 30 pages for your business but it rather costly.

The printing quality of printing is different from each color copier, because the way of printing is different.

It is advisable that, don’t buy any color copier without trying. So before purchase any printer, insist them to make demonstration of particular printer.

It is recommended that, if you are a home user inkjet printer or copier is best for you and if you looking for a printer for your office then color laser printer can give you the proper balance. So make clear to yourself, decide – whether the printer for your office or you business.

Article Under 250 + Words (Sample Article) - Apple iphone 3G Review

Apple iPhone is much more then a mobile phone. It is a combination of music and video player, internet and GPS device with camera. Apple iPhone generally includes wide touch screen facilities. iPhone supports a wide verity of audio and video content. Using Apple iPhone user can enjoy any kind of content like – e-books, movies, TV shows and may more….

iPhone have inbuilt software system for its operating purpose. Apple iPhone have a amazing range of extra ordinary features, those features commonly known as 3G (Third Generation) –

- Wireless synchronization

- GPS maps

- Add on application

- Wi Fi enabled.

Unlike other mobile device, iPhone have a wireless synchronization, i.e. user can synchronize his/her contacts, address, emails store, manage into his /her computer wirelessly.

Using GPS you can easily find any unknown area, street or place, that will give you a very digital and user friendly user navigation.

Apple iPhone have a huge verity of preinstalled software, with great and improved user interface; which provide a better mobile experience.

Another most beneficial feature of iPhone is – it has in built Wi Fi facility, in some country GPRS comes with a good amount of money, so Wi Fi gives them a zero cost internet access in hotspot or Wi Fi area.

Apple iPone have a comprehensive keyboard with EDGE and Bluetooth technology and the weight of the gadget is 132gm and it can easily fit in your pocket. Finally the most amazing thing is – 5 hours talk time and up to 16 hours audio playback time.

Tips to Buy Restaurant Supplies -- Another Sample Article

Tips to Buy Restaurant Supplies

You have few exclusive recipes and you have some stuff, really this is not enough to start a restaurant business. It needs a really long planning and organizing your most valuable resources.

Before starting a new restaurant business make a clear planning about – your location, business structure, and market and of course your expenses.

Getting the restaurants equipments and supplies are the most cost involving factors, and most important thing is – it is just needed to start up your business, without this you can’t start your business.

Purchasing Restaurant equipments and getting Supplies is really a difficult job. Basically Restaurant equipments consist of – bar equipments, refrigerator, bakery equipments, ice machine, coffee and tea machine, kitchen equipments, dish washers and many more…..

On the other hand, you will need restaurants supplies like – cutting board, measuring cups, measuring spoons, cutlery, frying pans, cookware etc…

Here is some basic things needed to start up the business, apart from this based on your business nature you may needs something more.

Purchasing Restaurant equipments and supplies is a complex job, so it is advisable that, before making any decision, check prices. It is a big investment for you, so be careful about this and check prices and quality from different vendors before making any purchase.

There are lots of company offering latest equipments for restaurant business, but every one doesn’t have a good customer care or after sales service; So before making decision – ask your vendor for after sales service.

Purchasing your Restaurant equipments and supplies from internet is a good choice but, remember one thing, before making any purchase go for reputed vendor who have good after sales service.

How to buy unique gifts -- A Short And Simple Article

Most of the people thing, purchasing unique gifts is really a difficult task, but this is not true. There are few factors involved in purchasing unique gifts. Using some common techniques really provide you a great unique gift purchase. Here they are –

  • Before purchasing any gift item, consider his /her hobbies and interest. For example – if a person having interest on photography, a best camera or camera accessories can be a good and unique gif for him/her.

  • Be careful about the person’s age. Because some gifts like cloths and some dress and their accessories depends on the age. So before purchase anything careful about age.

  • Instead of purchasing costly gift items, simple and low cost gift item with personal touch – makes better impact.

  • Another good way is, try to find out vintage items, which some what related with person’s life, and there was something major event happened.

  • For woman, try perfume, special dress, or jewelry with unique design.

  • Now a day’s, a new phenomena comes into the market, - gift baskets, this item easily available on internet. That basket contains verity of CDs, Books, and Magazines with cool decorations. Most beneficial part of gift basket is, it is inexpensive, and generally they come up with twenty dollars.

  • For special occasion, it is better idea to purchase flowers, like roses, for birthday cookies, cakes and candies baskets are most preferable, for anniversary – memorable gift item is best like – digitally crafted photo album.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Press Release - A Easy Way To Media Promotion

Regarding the content writing – press releases play a vital role now a day’s; press release is a way of written communication, - report of a event, With a view point of a third party. This kind of article uses for the news media promotion.

There is some difference between news article and press release.Generally – news article is a compilation of facts. On the other hand press release prepared for media promotion.

Here is a sample Press Release –


Website – Forum And Blog Owners Consider In: Web masters, blog and forum owners find alternative way to share images and files in a more efficient manner – online storage.

# # #
In internet market, online storage businesses growing vary fast. No matter how much they have charge. People simply looking for good upload and download speed with a simple browser based interface.

The provides customers with a wide Verity of services with its online storage account. The site currently offers online storage with an easy user interface along with email facility with large attachment for the forum members, blog owners and website owners.

Before few years back when web site owners and forum members share their materials like images or any files uses IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or some other file transfer methodologies. But now day hardware is low-priced also a new concept come into the market – online storage or virtual drive. Right now there are so many online storage provider leads the market they have their own potential. comes into market with its own features like: it will securely transfer files through online, photo sharing with hot linking,

good document management system even user can see or manage edited files.Basically, provides a browser based secure file upload system. A general user can upload their files through browser. Then the site offers an interface with file access permission and all other services. User can make their specific files public, i.e. any one can access those files from any where across the globe. Also user can set the permission to private their files where only authorized person can access those files through internet. provides a desktop computer like environment for managing the files and services. Perhaps the most powerful thing is any online storage account is users can access their files from any where.

In online storage arena – make a new concept. Share virtual drive with more users. Which will gives a new collaborative effort in SOHO (Small Office – Home Office) users. SOHO users can share the same account for their purpose. Currently offers up to 5 users account sharing.

Small organization’s who not being able to afford FTP (File Transfer Servers), they can easily afford this service. Because it offers a large amount of online disk storage with secure upload-download.

Blog writers and owners can upload their images and make a sideshow for their Blog(s) with an embedded script. has 3 types of membership packages. 1 is free and another two (Professional and Enterprise) membership but both are paid services. According to the prices are:

Standard FREE: 2 users, 500 MB Disk space $0.00 (free for life),Professional: 10 users, 10 GB Disk space $9.99 /month and Professional: 100 users, 25 GB Disk space $29.99 /month. With capacity of single file of 1 GB (1 gigabyte) and concurrent up to 100 files simultaneously.

After coming WEB 2 standard, users expecting online storage service in such a manner that, WEB 2 Features, Affordable price and shared document readability, i.e. user can read the document using some of desktop application.

Bench marked all online storage services more or less meet those conditions presently – those features gives a extra mileages to this business also those services increases the work process significantly.

# # #

Here is some Stuff. Check This Out –

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Basics Of Article Writing

The Most important things to remember when you write an article -

PUNCTUATION MARK - Put proper punctuation mark on article, with out

punctuation mark especially comma, hyphen and note of exclamation make

different meaning of your writing also remember don't put so may marks

on article.

MAKE YOUR SENTENCE SHORTER - longer sentences makes people bored also

longer sentences more error prone. When ever the longer sentences are

required make paragraph.

DOESN’T MAKE SPELLING MISTAKE - its better - use a word processor like

MS WORD or Open Office Writer, because all those word-processing

software comes into built in spell checking capabilities.

DON'T USE UNKNOWN WORD - Unnecessary clumsy word may not make your

article perfect rather you can use synonymous word which is somewhat

good listening or easy to read. So please avoid UNKNOWN WORDS.

GRAMMAR - Grammar always matters but unfortunately English is my second

language. So mistake is my right :) but always tries to avoid them.